How I made $1,260 in just 1 hour?

Published May 29, 2016, 12:07 p.m. by BBB

Richard L, 29 years old, from London, UK. “I found out about binary options just a couple of weeks ago and was able to use the Double Up strategy I studied to help me win lots of money! I was introduced to this strategic method by a friend and it is basically similar to the technique of “Flipping a Coin.”

When flipping a coin in the air your chances of receiving one particular outcome is 50-50 –it’s based on statistical probability. I took this exact strategy and now use it to trade binary options. You too can use the Double Up strategy and make a lot of money just like I do!” How it works

First, find a well-known binary options broker that you can trust and open an account with them. I chose anyoption, the world’s leading binary options broker that is well known for its professional trading platform and is fully EU regulated. I first heard about anyoption from a friend who was pleased with their super-fast money withdrawal process where no extra commission fees or wagering requirements are charged.

Binary Options trading is simple:

Binary options trading is open to everyone. You don’t need a finance background, previous market experience or thousands of dollars to begin. The beauty of binary is that you don’t have to wait months or even years to earn profit from your investment. All you have to do is predict whether your asset will go up or down in the next hour.

How to use the Double Up strategy

Double Up strategy, means that you should stick to your prediction on the same asset, same direction, and double your investment on each position you take. Even if the asset is going against your prediction, continue in the same direction. This strategy has proven to work, remember that everything that goes up, must go down and vice versa. Using the Double Up strategy in the last couple of weeks, I made $12,187. Don’t be afraid, keep investing in the same direction – the odds are in your favor. The trick is to simply believe in your prediction until the end of the hour.

To use the Double Up strategy, simply follow my example below.

To begin I will predict that the price of the EUR/USD will be below its current price at the end of the hour. I already see a downward trend in the graph so, I will take a DOWN (PUT) option and will invest $100 on this trade. If the price goes down I will profit, but if I predict incorrectly, the Double Up strategysays I should continue investing in the same direction.

As you can see the trend has continued to move in the opposite direction than what I’ve predicted, so though it seems like I’m losing my initial $100, I will buy another “PUT” option but this time will double my investment to $200.

The EUR/USD has continued to go against my previous predictions. However, I still believe in the strategy, so I will still take a third “PUT” option and will double my previous investment to $400.

So until now it seems like I might lose a total of $285 from my 2 investments, ($95 on the first + $190 on second position since at anyoption there’s up to 25% refund on each incorrect trade).

The third investment of $400 is correct – so I got a return of $720 on this investment.

My total profit now is $435 ($720-$285=$435). I can go on and on until I will be satisfied with the money I make and I feel it’s time for me to stop.

But during the time my investments were open, the asset changed direction, so it ended up that all three investments expired above the expiry level. In less than one hour I made a return of $1,260!

Trading tip!

In order to cut losses and manage the risks, begin using the strategy with smaller investment amounts. Eventually, you will gain the confidence you need to take advantage of the Double Up strategy. Another reason why I like anyoption as a broker is because you can invest just $25 on a single trade to be more cautious at the beginning. Soon enough you will be able to increase your investment amounts and maximize profit!

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